Visit the Atelier


Designer Stephanie Bodnar (top) and her grandmother Eugenia Mytska Bodnar (bottom)


In the wilds of West Marin, tucked between Nicasio's pastoral rolling hills, you'll find Evgenia Lingerie, just off historic Nicasio Square. Is it a mirage? Far from it. At Evgenia lies an oasis of fine lace and silk found in exquisite lingerie and day-to-day pieces, each too beautiful to keep a secret. Every decadent garment is drafted and sewn by designer Stephanie Bodnar herself.

Even with a comprehensive web boutique at your fingertips, there is truly no better way to shop Evgenia than to do it in person. Stephanie will happily guide you through each of her vintage-inspired collections, helping to select styles for every aesthetic and taste, and is able to accommodate custom sizing, color and style alterations. Shop an enticing array of corsets, camisoles, lingerie sets, stockings, and more!

The atelier is a working studio; during your visit, it's more than likely you'll find Stephanie filling orders, sewing Ribbon Corsets and Bralettes, and preparing new collections. Come visit this luxurious gem in person and discover West Marin's lingerie destination, open at last for regular business hours.

The atelier is located at approximately 4503 Nicasio Valley Road and is open from 12pm - 4pm Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.