Cotton Face Mask

Cotton Face Mask


Using a lovely rose gold floral dotted black quilting cotton, this mask beautifies something that has become an absolute necessity. Available in two sizes (Women's and Men's) with your choice of cotton twill tape ties or elastic. Two layers of 100% cotton broadcloth and lined in 100% cotton flannel with a filter pocket (filter not included). As limited quantities of masks are being listed, we may sell out quickly, in which case other designers like Elma Lingerie and Pillowbook may have stock available. 


PLEASE NOTE: This mask is not medical grade and is not intended as a substitution for N95 masks. For more guidelines on the efficacy and usage of cotton face masks during this time, please visit the CDC website.


Gratis masks are being offered to those financially affected by the pandemic through the Evgenia Instagram page. Please send a DM on that platform if you would like to be added to the queue for a free mask. You pay shipping and handling.

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Size Guide
Women's: 5.5" tall at center seam
Men's: 5.75" tall at center seam
Prewashed 100% cotton voile and prewashed 100% cotton muslin

Care: Machine wash and dry, press to maintain shape.