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Pearl vintage lips necklace for burlesque style alt-hover

Lindsey Muse Necklace

Style: C801-J15

A glamorous combination of luxury and levity, a one-of-a-kind piece created exclusively for Céleste. A four-strand luxe faux pearl collar necklace flanks a truly exquisite centerpiece: an oil painting of Lindsey Wixson's iconic mouth, rendered by acclaimed portrait painter Lance Richlin. The portrait is suspended behind repurposed antique watch glass, surrounded by freshwater pearls and finished with sterling silver hardware. A piece fit for a queen.

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Size Guide
Pendant measures 1 3/8" height by 1.5" width. Inner pearl strand measures 15.5".
Faux pearl strands with sterling silver hardware. Oil painting finished with antique watch glass and surrounded by freshwater pearls.
Model Photography: Adam Cohen